1)We listen to customers and address their needs.

A member of our organization visits the company to analyse in depth the project to be developed or the product to be searched.

Consequently, we take into account needs such as quality, price, quantity, and product certifications.

2) We assess the feasibility.

Our representatives choose the company most suited to address your needs on the basis of the feasibility analysis of potential manufacturers strictly carried out with the customer.


3) We search for and select the manufacturer

The product sample or technical information is sent to our associate who scrupulously examines it together with the Far East company so it can be analysed and reproduced.

The counter sample produced is sent to your headquarters in Italy in order to test if the quality corresponds to the original




1) Placing the order

The customer who is satisfied with the quality of the counter sample can then place an order.

Initially, a test order involving small quantities can be made.


2) Starting the production

Several visits are made to the overseas manufacturer with the purpose of providing vital instructions

for the start of production and the controls to be made during the various processing stages of your order.


3) We remain constantly in contact with the manufacturer

4) We carry out final product checking and testing

At the end of production we carry out quality control and testing in order to confirm the conformity of the goods.

In the final stage we draw up a report for the customer which includes the documents and results of the tests carried out.



1) We follow the shipping of the goods as required

Should the customer request it we can follow the various stages involved in shipping the goods, selecting the operators that can satisfy the

customer’s specific needs.

2) We ensure that the goods reach our customers

Polemark makes sure that the goods you receive have not sustained any damage during transport.

3) We keep in contact with updates and new prospects